Summer To Do List

While I am the type of person that finds charm in all four seasons, I am beyond thrilled Summer has arrived. The DC Metro area had 17 consecutive cool, damp days of rain in May; so to say that I’m thrilled it’s Summer might actually be an understatement.

Summer To Do List.jpg

Here’s how I’m planning to make the most the season:

  1. Two words: ROAD TRIP.
  2. Host an outdoor dinner party.
  3. Read three new books (James Patterson’s Beach Road and Beach House are my go-to Summer reads. I’ve read them over and over for the 10 years. I think it’s time branch out.)
  4. Find the perfect sunless tanner.
  5. Wash my car the old fashioned way. There’s something nostalgic about it, no?
  6. Check out Escape Live DC with some girlfriends.
  7. Try a juice cleanse.
  8. Make a point to have fresh flowers in the house more.
  9. Create a killer Summer playlist.
  10.  Find a delicious quick and easy sangria recipe.

I’d love to know… what are your plans this Summer?

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Save or Splurge: Summer Nightie

Save vs. Splurge- Summer Nightie.jpg

YOU GUYS. This is so silly, but I just have to share my most recent purchase.

This past Mother’s Day I got my mum a beautiful Soma Cool Nights Sleeveless Shirt. I tried it on to make sure it fit…and ahhhhhh, it was so soft, so comfy I did not want to take it off. Since I was on lunch and nightgowns aren’t appropriate for the office, I begrudgingly removed it and contemplated purchasing one for myself. Ultimately, I decided against it because it was $40 which is totally fine to spend on my amazing mom, but let’s be real, I’m total cool with chilling in an oversized t-shirt and sweats.

But then I couldn’t get that damn super comfy, super soft night gown out of my head. I wanted it…no, I needed it!

Fast forward a few weeks. I literally was telling my friend, Hana, about this crazy obsession during a leisurely stroll through Target when she stopped, picked up a Gilligan & O’Malley nightgown and said “oh, this is nice.” Slightly annoyed that she didn’t seem grasp how amazing the Soma pajamas were, I absentmindedly grabbed the nightie she was holding.

Then the heavens opened and the cherubs sang.

OMG, it so soft, so comfy… just like Soma’s, but half the price! Yes. Yes. Yes.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Soma. They have beautiful lingerie and my boobs will forever be have a home in their bras, but if I can save $20 and still a get super soft, super comfy Soma-like nightgown, I’m down.

I’d love to know…would you save or splurge?

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7 Beauty Products I Bought Immediately After I Turned 30

If you know me well, you are fully aware that I have a hard time acting my age.

I definitely giggle like a school girl at inappropriate jokes yet will pass on going out on Friday night because 10pm is “past my bedtime” (hello, grandma).  In reality, I turned 30 last May and in a few short days, I will be celebrating my 31st.

The “Dirty Thirty” didn’t instill panic as one would think. I didn’t throw myself a pity party and wasn’t really worried about the things I hadn’t accomplished in the past 29 years. But there was something I was concerned about – adjusting my skincare and beauty products. Priorities, right?
The Beauty Products I bought Immediately After I Turned 30

Here are the seven beauty products I bought immediately after my 30th birthday:

  1. An everyday lipstick:  There is something about wearing lippie that feels so polished. And after I turned 30, I wanted to feel polish every damn day. I wanted something that would look good whether I had a on face full of make up on or just BB cream, so I decided on NARS’ Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover and it’s perfect.
  2. A sophisticated scent: Like the perfect lipstick, I wanted something that I could spritz on everyday. After testing numerous scents, I finally landed on Fresh’s Brown Sugar Eau De Parfum. I simply could not resist the notes of lemon, magnolia, sheer honeysuckle, peach nectar, and amber.
  3. Retinol treatment: Anti-aging products are really all about prevention and after dabbling in a few mild retinol products, I finally got the courage to splurge the JetGlow Serum by M-61. I’m so happy I did because this stuff works wonders. My skin’s clarity, tone, and radiance has improved and the few fine lines that I have are definitely less noticeable.
  4. A multi-tasking serum: I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I adore beauty/skincare products that are multi-purpose. So when I went on the hunt for a serum and stumbled upon Murad’s Invisiblur Perfecting Shield, I knew I had found the one. The invisible skin-perfecting shield replaces your anti-aging treatment, primer and SPF to immediately blur and correct imperfections.
  5. Heavy duty hand cream: If there is one thing I have noticed as I have “aged” (which I say very lightly because I’m only 30), it’s that my skin is so much drier, especially my hands. Another thing I noticed? I’m surprising particular about hand creams! Enter M-61’s Vitablast C Hand Cream: the queen of all hand creams. It smells light and citrus-y,  absorbs quickly,  and has antioxidants to protect against environmental stressors.
  6. Do-it-all balm: Like I said, everything is drier. So I turn to Glossier’s Coconut Balm Dotcom to smooth my lips, elbows, cuticles, heels, etc. Don’t the name fool you, this balm absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue. To get 20% off your first Glossier order, click here.
  7. A subtle highlighter: While I consider myself pretty low key when it comes to make up, I have found that a highlighter is a must have. I’m currently loving Beauty Brightening Illuminator by Cynthia Rowley because it’s subtle shimmer brightens even the most tired looking skin and the brush applicator is amazingly easy to master.

Any other products I should try?

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